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The Pulpwood Queens

john warley murder mystery legal thriller book

Every writer has milestones by which they measure success. Certainly, that first “yes” from an agent or publisher is one. Holding your book is another. Entry upon the New York Times bestseller list allows you to mention on everything you write until you die, from future book jackets to your obituary, that you are “A New York Times Bestselling Author.” Yeah, yeah, I get all that. But if you really want to confirm to the world that you have arrived as a writer, get yourself invited, as I just did, to the Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend in Nacogdoches, Texas.

Children, when I tell you that this book festival is like nothing you or I have ever seen, you can take it to the bank, or the ATM if that’s closer. If I assure you that these are the craziest women who ever strapped on a tiara, shimmied into a leotard, and two-stepped their way through a five day celebration of the printed word, I want you to believe me. How do I know? Because my old buddies Pat Conroy and Bernie Schein attended several years back, and the tales that came home with them are still being told.

Kathy Murphy started this madness in 2000. The PQs claim to be the largest book club in the world--did I mention they’re in Texas, so that’s to be expected. This video will give you some insight. Note that there is not an author’s presentation nor a book to be found, but plenty of “licker” and “dancin”. These folks are not normal. But it looks like great fun, and so I’ll be hitchhiking to Nacogdoches in January in time to be at next year’s festival, January 11-15, 2018. I better bring my A game, because if I don’t I risk the worst verdict you can get in Texas: all hat and no cattle.

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