July 14, 2017

Every writer has milestones by which they measure success. Certainly, that first “yes” from an agent or publisher is one. Holding your book is another. Entry upon the New York Times bestseller list allows you to mention on everything you write until you die, from futur...

May 11, 2017

On Friday, October 27, 2017, The Citadel's Class of 1967, my class, will gather in Charleston for our fiftieth reunion. As our legacy gift to the college that means so much to us, we will dedicate and open to the public The Citadel War Memorial. This eight million doll...

February 22, 2017

The photo was taken by my daughter, MaryBeth Warley Lockwood, at Point Loma in San Diego on a recent visit. My hands are raised. Is that surrender? Confusion? Impatience? Or, as a cousin suggested on Facebook, am I commanding the seas to part, as Moses did?

Actually, it...

October 10, 2016

I came to this mountain-top community to give a talk to a book club that lacks a name but not dedicated readers. One of those is Leslie Boyd, shown in the photo holding A Southern Girl.

Leslie reminded me why I write, in the same way Crystal Mountain reminds me of the b...

June 29, 2016

As thousands of you already know, since its publication in 2014 A Southern Girl has been available in hardcover and e-book formats. In 2015, Story River Books released a softcover. On July 27, 2016, yet another format will debut: audio book. Many of you have asked abou...

April 9, 2016

As a writer, I’ve put a premium on exploring a variety of genres. My first novel, Bethesda’s Child, blended politics and genetics, an unlikely combo but readers have reacted well to it. The Moralist, social satire, delivers common sense insights with some laughs, or so...

November 27, 2014


As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, my mind is on . . . turkey? Don’t make me laugh, or even chuckle. Yes, of course I’m looking forward to that traditional bird with trimmings, but what REALLY gets my heart pounding this year is oysters. Just down the coast from...

November 21, 2014


Greetings from Miami, Florida. The title of this blog comes, of course, as a paraphrase of a Jimmy Buffett song I've always liked, "Everybodys Got a Cousin in Miami."  I happen not to have a cousin in Miami, but I have something better--two close friends from San M...

October 26, 2014

Remember a few blogs back when I talked about writers compulsively asking themselves, “What if . . .?” Beaufort’s Civil War history so engaged me that I became obsessed.

“What if,” I asked myself, “one--no two--people stayed behind when all the whites fled? And what if...

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